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Device Composition on Tabletop Computers

The PhoneVortex prototype

MSc Thesis Project by Leo Sicard.
Supervised by Jakob E. Bardram and Juan David Hincapie Ramos.

Tabletop computers are cutting-edge devices that merge input and output spaces into one single interactive surface. They offer a set of unique features that have led researchers to investigate new interaction models, such as shared simultaneous use and the ability to integrate with other devices or physical objects. Some application examples are catalog browsing, drink ordering, collaborative design, data sharing between smartphones, etc.

This project investigates the use of tabletops exclusively as UI peripherals for other computing devices, as opposed to considering them as standalone computers. Thus, we explore device composition for UI integration between tabletops and mobile devices, focusing on seamless user experience and implicit human computer interaction.

We consider different types of UI integration.
– UI transfer (mirror): the tabletop displays the UI of the connected device.
– Dual View: the tabletop becomes a secondary display for the connected device.
– UI nesting: the connected device is physically located on the tabletop, and its UI is extended to the additional screen space around it.

This project includes reviewing current research in the field of tabletop interaction, designing and implementing a prototype application, as well as evaluating it by way of a usability study.

This work is based on the PhoneVortex, developed by PhD student (and co-supervisor) Juan David Hincapié Ramos.

You can read the full project description here.


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